About Newbie Beat

Newbie and Distillery Beat’s fishings on the River Annan, was timeshared in the mid 1980’s and is divided into 3 beats, split over 10 rods.  The rods are split into three groups (of 3, 3 and 4) with each group fishing the beats in a 24-hour rotation, with the change in beats taking place at lunchtime (13.00 hrs) each day.


Our season lasts from the 25th of February until the 15th of November.  Fishing weeks are 6 days, starting on Mondays and ending on Saturday.  There is no fishing on Sundays. All salmon caught must be released in accordance with Scottish law.


The river is divided into 3 beats

Beat 1, which runs from the site of the former Diamond Jubilee Bridge down to the bottom of Pat’s Bridge (which is a pool, not a bridge), about 300 yards downstream of the Cauld.  The dividing line is marked by a black angular post with a red top on the western bank. Both banks may be fished for the entire length of this beat.


Beat 2, which runs from the black angular post with a red top just upstream of Craigdale down to the bottom of the Flats where again there is a marker post on the west bank which marks the beat’s limit.  This is just upstream of where the field with horses starts. Both banks may be fished except for the eastern bank from the site of the former Cuthbertson Memorial Bridge up to the wooden bridge over the stream just below the bottom of Craigdale.  This means that the Mill Pool may only be fished from the western bank.


Beat 3, which is divided into two parts, the downstream section, which can be tide-affected, runs from the marker post on the west bank down to the site of a former weir about 30 yards below the Annan town road bridge. All this part of beat 3 may be fished from both banks.  The upstream part of Beat 3 is above Beat 1 and runs from Rabbit Island down to the site of the former Diamond Jubilee Bridge.  This is single bank and may only be fished from the west bank.


Click here to download a copy of the beat map.


There are public footpaths on each bank for the entire length of the beat.  Up to the autumn of 2021, two foot-bridges crossed the river, however both were destroyed in a flood in October 2021.  It is expected that these will eventually be rebuilt, but probably not in the near term.  Both banks remain accessible to fishermen, but changing banks now entails a longer walk or a short car journey.


Permits to fish

Permits to fish for each rod entitled to do so, with a schedule of the cycle of the beats to be fished, will be issued to each rod on arrival by the fishery manager or left for collection in the hut.  Permits must always be carried by the rod as proof of his/her right to be fishing.


Fishery Rules

The fishery rules must be followed. Click here to download a copy of these rules.


The Hut

The hut has a log-burning stove, hot and cold water, a fridge, oven, microwave and kettle and a table and chairs to make yourself comfortable. Please keep it clean and tidy and wash-up any glasses, plates etc that you may use. Tea, coffee and milk are provided. No overnight sleeping is permitted in the hut and no caravans or camping are permitted.  Plugging in a camper van or an electric car may only be done with the agreement of the fishery manager and will be subject to a payment. Behind the hut there is a toilet.  Please keep this clean too. Also behind the hut is a rod-room. Any private property left in the hut or rod-room is the responsibility of the owner and is left there entirely at his/her own risk.




Catch returns

All fish caught must be recorded in the book in the hut.  Recent catches and other news about the beat can be found on the Newbiebeat facebook site


Catch statistics

Historical catch returns for the Beat can be found on fishpal. (Click here to view five-yearly catch statistics on Newbie Beat)